Proposal 1.0

Let's start at the beginning. Some time ago, I met a wonderful girl named Leslie. We fell in love, eventually moved in together, and have been building a life with each other ever since. Things were great! As a result, I decided to do the obvious thing: I proposed ("Proposal 1.0"). And within moments, she said YES!

Proposal 2.0

But my original proposal was quiet and low-key. It was just some simple heart-felt words exchanged during a quiet night at home. And while Proposal 1.0 had plenty of sentiment, it was lacking in pizazz. So I did what any Silicon Valley geek would do: I decided to upgrade to "Proposal 2.0," a new improved online version. I proposed to Leslie from inside a Google Street View panorama. I dare say that it's the first time anyone in the history of mankind has proposed marriage in quite this way, and it went live on Google Maps on August 5, 2008:

Drag and double-click to zoom in the image above, or view it on Google Maps

HELP ME: You can tell Leslie what you think!

Here's the thing -- I'm not going to tell Leslie about the Street View picture or the website myself. I'm instead going to rely on all of you to do it for me. You can email her at at, or you can leave a comment for her right here on the website (that link will also let you view other people's comments).

So please, drop her a line to help me propose! With your help, hopefully she'll give an even more enthusiastic "yes" to the second proposal than she did to the first one! Tell her that you think she should marry me, or what you think of the website, or how lame the typical proposal is compared to mine... or just give her advice about love and/or life in general.

Thanks for the help!

How I pulled this off

My name is Michael Weiss-Malik, and I work for Google. I don't work on the Street View team, but I interact with them pretty regularly. They decided to coordinate a pre-announced Street View run outside Google's Mountain View offices, with the idea that Googlers could line up along the street and appear in the imagery. So I put together my "Proposal 2.0" billboard and showed up, hoping that it'd be readily visible. And it was!

I have no idea whether Leslie will get ten emails out of this or ten thousand. So please don't take offense if she doesn't reply to you personally!

If you'd like to send me feedback on all of this, you can email me at: